• Promote sports and cultural exchange among young people from around the world.


  • Seek the appropriate environment for the exchange of experiences, new techniques, tools, tendencies and instructions in general that may allow to deepen the expansion and diffusion of field hockey in the region.


  • Sponsor the entry and exchange of experiences among young people from different regions of our country and of the world, regardless their ethnic group, religion, economic background, physical ability , or intellectual or cultural level.


  • Promote the understanding, acceptance and friendship between people involved in field hockey from around the world.


  • Foster the practice of sports, ally of the youth to confront discrimination, delinquency and drugs.


  • Estimulate healthy life styles. Unanimous condition of practically all the sportsmen.


  • Incorporate Argentina to the world field hockey calendar for Schools and Clubs, Under 18 and Under 16 years old.



Please ask for more information to manuel.teran@team-sports.com.ar