Only Official delegations from schools, clubs and local Hockey Unions from around the world may participate in the tournament.


Each institution must present a minimum of 14 players. The organization reconmends that each delegation presents a referee


The schedule with the dates and hours of the matches will be handed to the team responsibles once the offcial forms are filled and the inscription is finished.


Inscription fees:
Each team must pay an inscription fee which will cover all organization expenses.


Sports Field:
All the matches will be played on fields authorized by the organizing commission.


Rules and regulations
The Competente will be played by the rules of Field Hockey and by the FIH/PAHF standards, with hte following modifications:

1.- The matches of the 1st round will be played in two halves of 25 minutes each. The finals will be played in full time halves.

2.- The amount of substitutions per match is unlimited.

Any other cases of technical or general matter, will be solved by the Organization Committee.


Health Insurance:
Each institution will have to present a certificate of health insurance for each member of the delegation.


Emergencies and First Aids:
The committee will hire a medical emergency company. They will be beside the field during each match.


A discipline committee will be created together with the management of the teams and the organizer commission. The players that are sent off won’t be able to continue participating in the tournament. Indiscipline from any of the teams behave outside the playing field will also be penalized with the expulsion of the team of the tournament.

The teams will be grouped in pools of 4 or 6 per category, playing to each other. The team that classifies 1st and 2nd will play the semifinals and finals.

In case of a tie: If 2 or more teams finish the 1 st round tied, the tie will be broken in the following way:

1. Goal difference (scored goals – recieved goals).

2. Amount of scored goals

3. Amount of recieved goals

4. Final result between the tied teams.

5. By lot.

In case of a tie in the finals, 3 penalty shots will be made by each team. If the tie persists, 1 penalty shot will be made each team untill the tie is broken.

If a team does not respesct the hour of a match, the points will be given to the present team with the following goals (2-0). This goals count in case of a tie.

In each categories the following distinctions will be awarded:

  • Champion each category
  • Best player of the tournament each category